Lore Edit

(character is still under development and is not final)

  • Nibra, The Ember
  • Human Female, 20 yrs
  • Honvarj

Nibra is the heir to the Seat of Alvkhret. Her mother, the Shoja, has made every effort to keep Nibra safe and protect their lineage. But Nibra has a fire in her heart. She is passionate and strong-willed, but naive and reckless - a set of traits not conducive to the political life her mother wishes for her.

Abilities Edit

Recommended Stats: Armor/MR, Haste

Recommended Roles: ‘Hunter’, ‘Gladiator’

  • Desu’s Note: Just as a heads up, our role names will almost definitely change. We’re simply using the Dawngate terms here for ease of understanding.

Resource - Inner Fire: Nibra gains Inner Fire when she deals damage with basic attacks. If she has enough Inner Fire, she will spend it to empower her basic abilities.

  • Heroic’s/Desu’s Notes: As a melee Forger, it will be more difficult to build up Inner Fire and keep it at a level needed to operate. Because of this, if she is able to stick to a target, she’ll benefit massively in this area.

Passive - Ember: When Nibra’s Health drops below a certain percentage of her maximum Health, she gains bonus Attack Speed for a few seconds. If Nibra scores a kill or assist during this buff, she instantly gains maximum Inner Fire. This effect has a cooldown.

  • Heroic’s/Desu’s Notes: As she’s always going to try to be in close-combat and expected to take damage, this passive gives her a last ditch “kill them before they kill me” mechanic. It also gives her massive synergy with Lifedrain and defensive on-hit items, giving her a way to regenerate a lot of her lost health upon activating the passive.

Ability 1 - Cold Steel: (Toggled) Nibra’s basic attacks deal bonus damage and grant her a stacking shield, which cannot go past a maximum amount. This shield rapidly decays while out of combat. These attacks cost Inner Fire instead of generating it.

  • Heroic’s/Desu’s Notes: This shield is effectively bonus Lifedrain while in combat. If she can build up enough of a shield before getting targeted in a fight, it also acts as a buffer against burst! However, due to its short lived duration while out of combat, it’s difficult to build up before a big fight, so she can’t just come in with a big shield to start the battle.

Ability 2 - Wildfire: Nibra spins on her next basic attack, resetting the animation and dealing increased damage with the attack. This attack always generates Inner Fire per enemy hit.

If Nibra spends Inner Fire for this ability, this spell is cast twice in rapid succession.

  • Heroic’s/Desu’s Notes: Basic attack reset. If used on enough people, it can really pad your Inner Fire, even if Cold Steel is active, which lets you build it up quickly. In addition, because it always generates Inner Fire, the empowered version is an entry cost that, if you get enough hits, will be mostly refunded, allowing for a lot of spamming in crowded fights. Watch out, though, because the spins are instantaneous, enemies with fast enough reaction time can dodge the second hit.

Ability 3 - Avalanche: Nibra dashes to a target enemy, dealing damage and slowing the primary target and all enemies she passes through.

If Nibra spends Inner Fire for this ability, the damage is increased. In addition, she knocks aside all enemies she passes through and stuns the primary target.

  • Heroic’s/Desu’s Notes: This ability is Nibra’s primary skill for sticking to targets. She can either use it simply to get onto an opponent or to severely cripple them. The empowered version of the ability can put an entire team into disarray while she leaps onto the enemy carry, although doing so will leave her with little Inner Fire to use on her other abilities, so use this wisely.

Ultimate - Alvkhret’s Honor: A circle of ice appears around Nibra after a short delay, and remains for several seconds. Enemy Forgers that are in the area when the circle appears take damage and any enemy Forger who leaves the circle is rooted and takes additional damage. Each enemy Forger can only be rooted once by this ability. While Alvkhret’s Honor is active, Cold Steel is automatically toggled on but doesn’t drain Inner Fire.

  • Heroic’s/Desu’s Notes: NO ESCAPE. This makes defeating Nibra very hard to do once she’s on her target, as she stacks her shield through every attack and can easily hit your team multiple times to get her shield up to maximum strength. She will most often want to use this to trap a few enemies in the area with her while discouraging them and their allies from trying to enter/leave the area, but she can use it as a way to allow her team to retreat from a poor fight as well, if she uses it in a tight enough corridor.