Lore Edit

  • Sil, The Visionary
  • Human Female
  • Jupe

Sil is a Jupitian scholar of House Willclark, which is known for discovering relics of the past and piecing together the history behind them. Her notable intellect masks a childish spirit as she prepares to follow her father’s footsteps.

Abilities Edit

Passive - Examine: When an enemy Forger has been visible within a certain range for a certain amount of time, Sil’s next basic attack or damaging ability against them does bonus damage and slows for a short time. The duration of the vision required is reduced with Haste.

  • Sil examines everything she sees, and is adept at applying what she learns. This passive ability establishes “knowledge is power” as an integral concept of Sil’s character and the player skills required to maximize her abilities. The wind up time gives players a chance to understand the enemy’s behavior and determine the best way to use this effect, much like Sil would herself.
  • o7 Design Notes: Sil’s passive plays off of her major theme of gaining knowledge and putting it to its best use. Mechanically, it provides a payoff for successfully playing to her strengths as a preemptive tactician. During laning phase, this passive means that she’ll normally be playing the brush in order to maximize her harass damage. Once laning phase is done, this passive will be able to help her react in a flexible manner to anything that she knows is coming.

Ability 1 - Revelation: Sil fires a projectile in target direction that deals moderate damage to and reveals the first enemy hit for a few seconds. She can reactivate this ability while the projectile exists if she is targeting an enemy with Intensive Study. If she does, the projectile begins tracking the studied target.

  • This ability emphasizes Sil’s insight into cause and effect. While the direct effect is to provide knowledge to Sil’s team, its use requires Sil (or the player) to already have that knowledge by predicting an enemy’s movement into or through the fog of war.
  • o7 Design Notes: While we were designing this kit, we felt like it was missing some… “oomph.” We played with a number of different ideas, and ended up settling on this reactivation clause. It meshes well with the requirement of remaining visible on the W, and adds a big element of strategy to her game play. Do you need to hit someone that’s behind a minion wave with your Q for that little extra bit of harass? Shoot your Q off to the side of the wave,  and quickly place your W on your target, reactivating the Q as the projectile is about to reach the end of its life, allowing you to bank it around the minions for a surprise hit. We expect plays like that to be high skill cap ways of mastering every single aspect of the character.

Ability 2 - Intensive Study: Sil studies a target enemy Forger and identifies their weaknesses, reducing stats based on their archetype for a few seconds as long as they remain visible. If the target remains visible and within a certain range for the full duration, the duration is reset and the reduction is magnified.

  • Carry, Mage, or Assassin: Reduce Power
  • Tank, Bruiser, or Support: Reduce Armor and Resistance
  • As a scholar, Sil is knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects, and is able to quickly understand subjects in which she isn’t. By uncovering and sharing this knowledge, Sil reduces the effective threat of her opponents.
  • o7 Design Notes: I really love the idea of unique effects depending on the archetype of the target, both thematically and mechanically. From a mechanical standpoint, the ability is set to hit the targeted enemy where it hurts most. For carries, mages, and assassins - those whose primary goal can be generally described as “do damage,” that can be achieved by taking away some of their Power. However, despite the fact that we’re trying to make Power more appealing to pick up on all archetypes, the other three archetypes - tanks, bruisers and supports - still aren’t going to generally be as interested in Power during a standard game. They are, however, usually interested in picking up stats that help them survive for as long as possible in a fight, due to the inherent strength of their kits, so they get hit by a resistance reduction instead. These differences in stat debuffs also serve to avoid a couple other major hiccups - One being that reducing the already low Armor and Magic Resistance of carries/assassins/mages would just make them even easier to burst, the other being that reducing the Power on a character like a tank who may not have very much - if ANY - Power would feel like a waste, which we wanted to avoid.

Ability 3 - Lorem Ipsum: Sil throws a book to a target location. When it lands, the complex writing explodes off the pages, dealing some magic damage and Silencing nearby enemies. The area around the target point is gradually revealed over a few seconds.

  • This ability evokes the experience of rendering an adversary “speechless” with the breadth of one’s knowledge and extent of one’s ability to reason. Whatever is written in Sil’s book, it is beyond anyone’s comprehension but her own.
  • o7 Design Notes: This is probably the simplest ability in the kit, and its uses will range from keeping vision on a target for the remaining duration of time before her W resets, to utilizing the temporary vision to set up a fight that is highly advantageous for her team.

Ultimate - Unite and Conquer: Sil lightly damages, briefly reveals, and marks all enemy Forgers within her vision radius. For a significant time after the initial cast, Sil can recast this ability to grant allied Forgers near her (including herself) a large amount of bonus Power for a few seconds. All marks on enemies within a certain distance of her are consumed when this second activation happens, increasing the total duration of the power buff for each mark consumed.

  • Sil manifests as a support because she recognizes that she is not a strong person. Her entire set of abilities revolves around gaining, applying, and sharing knowledge primarily to the benefit of her allies. It also revolves around the saying, “Knowledge is power.” Here, that theme is made literal and culminates in a double-sided test of her (and her player’s) insight. Not only must she know when her enemies are near, out of sight (to maximize the initial activation), but she must use the knowledge gained from that to determine the most impactful moment for her team to strike (maximizing the temporary burst of strength).
  • o7 Design Notes: This ultimate went through a number of iterations to find something that really fits with Sil’s character. Some of you may remember an ultimate that we teased for her at the end of last year that formed a semi-circular wall around an area. It was an ability that interested me as a designer because it had some mechanical implications that hadn’t really been played with before, but ultimately we decided that it didn’t provide an accurate representation of Sil’s personality. That ability was scrapped, although we have something similar to it on a different kit that it fits better.(one that I can’t wait to show off in the future!) We went through several other iterations trying to find something that matched her. Eventually, we drifted in the direction of a Power aura based ability, for a handful of reasons. Finally, we settled on the one that you see here.This ultimate provides Sil and her allies with the tools to win a battle before it even begins, but does require her to utilize them at the right moment. The damage on the initial cast is mostly there to make it apparent to the enemy team that they have been marked, but if we find that we can make it obvious enough without the damage, we will likely remove that initial damage. The ability will have a very long recast time so that Sil can choose to activate it at the time that it will be at its most beneficial, whether that be at the very beginning of a fight or after a few seconds of clashing. We considered tying the number of marks consumed to the amount of Power, rather than the duration of the buff, but we decided that doing so would likely make the ability too variable in its strength.